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CipSoft GmbH
Industry Gaming
Genre Video game developer
Founded 2001
Founder Guido Lübke, Stephan Payer, Ulrich Schlott, Stephan Vogler
Headquarters Regensburg, Germany
Products Tibia, TibiaME
Revenue 9,441,000 € (2015)[1]
Number of employees

CipSoft GmbH, or CIP, is a video game developer based in Regensburg, Germany which produces the online roleplaying game Tibia . They also market Tibia Micro Edition, a cell-phone-based version of the game.[3]


In 1995 the four German students Guido Lübke, Stephan Payer, Ulrich Schlott and Stephan Vogler worked for the first time on the online role-playing game Tibia, as a student’s project. To be contrary to the text-based games at that time, they wanted to design a graphical game which gave players a realistic view of the virtual world. Just two years later, in January 1997, the first version of "Tibia" went online on servers of the university.

Due to the huge success of Tibia, the four former students decided to found their own company. The year 2001 was the founding year of the CipSoft GmbH in Regensburg, Germany. Over 50 permanent employees and a dozen assistants work for CipSoft GmbH. In 2010, the company had an annual turnover of about 8 million Euro.


2013 DDoS Attacks[edit]

During August 2013, the company's main product suffered from a long period of DDoS attacks, which led CipSoft to hire Prolexic for increased protection against DDoS attacks. To compensate the players for the attacks, which made the game unplayable for a long time, CipSoft distributed vouchers for premium time or double experience to the players affected.[4]


CipSoft Gmbh offers two products to its customers (2013).


Tibia is one of the first online role-playing games (MMORPG) ever created.[5] It is the main product of CipSoft GmbH. On the islands of Tibia players discover a fantastic 2D world where they can go on virtual adventures. The main intention of the game is for the player to develop the character and to prove oneself as a knight, paladin, sorcerer or druid. The fact that Tibia is still based on 2D has never influenced the growth of the number of players. In 2008, Tibia was seen as one of the "8 best MMORPGs for Linux" [6]


TibiaME is the first online role playing game for mobile phones.[7] The story of TibiaME is inspired by the PC game Tibia. As a knight or a sorcerer, the players develop the skills of their selected characters. By exploring large varieties of areas, they will come upon exciting quests and dangerous dungeons where hundreds of players can set their forces together. Communicating and interacting with other players in a diplomacy is only one attractive aspect of TibiaME. The player can log out at any moment of the game and log in later.

Fiction Fighters[edit]

Fiction Fighters was a new product, which became available in 2011, but was discontinued during its beta release due to massive lack of player's staying interest - despite a massive marketing campaign. It was an interactive 3D comic, where players entered a parallel comic universe. The players acted and interacted only in comic strips.[8]


  • In 2007 CipSoft scores 4th at the Deloitte Technology Fast-50 Challenge [9]
  • In 2008 CipSoft scores 3rd at the British Telecom Wi-Fi developer challenge with TibiaME [10]


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