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Serbia "Cipela"
Eurovision Song Contest 2009 entry
Marko Kon, Aleksandar Kobac,
Milan Nikolić
Marko Kon, Aleksandar Kobac
Finals performance
Semi-final result
Semi-final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Oro" (2008)   
"Ovo je Balkan" (2010) ►

"Cipela" (Shoe) is a song composed and performed by Serbian singer Marko Kon and accordionist Milan Nikolić. It was the Serbian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 held in Moscow, Russia.[1] It competed in the second semi-final but failed to reach the final.

Other versions[edit]

The song has several versions in different languages: Patrikalo (Greek), Godasse (French), Bashmak (Russian), Saapas (Finnish), Shoe (English) and Na'al (Hebrew).[2] The versions in different languages were written thanks to the cooperation between Eurovision OGAE clubs, which included OGAE Finland for the Finnish lyrics and OGAE Rest of the World for the Russian lyrics. The song was, however, performed in Serbian during the Eurovision Song Contest.

Accompanying the versions in different languages, there have also been several remixes released. There has been a “dance” remix and a “trumpet” version of the song. Serbian artist "Sevdah baby" also composed a techno remix of the song. The multiple different versions have been made to promote the song on a wider European market.[3]

Use of accordion[edit]

The prominent instrument throughout the entire song is the accordion, a popular instrument within Serbian national folk music. It is played by Milan Nikolić throughout the performance. The composers hope that by making the instrument so important within the song, they will be able to popularise the accordion throughout Europe and at the same time bring it back into contemporary Serbian music.[4] However, the use of the accordion has not been so popular amongst Eurovision fans, with many[who?] believing that the use of the instrument makes the song sound gimmicky.[citation needed]


"Cipela" is about a man travelling the world who has fallen in love with a woman who doesn’t want to be with him because he is not rich. The song contains many sarcastic motifs and references to materialism. The refrain of the song states that she did not want to be with him until he managed to get money and get rich. The song is highly repetitive with the refrain lyrics repeating a total of six times while the two other verses appear twice throughout the song.[5]

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