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Cipher Vol. 1.jpeg
The first volume of Cipher released by Hakusensha.
Written byMinako Narita
Published byHakusensha
English publisherCMX
ImprintHana to Yume Comics
Original runDecember 24, 1984October 24, 1990
Original video animation
Directed byTsuneo Tominaga
Produced byIsamu Senda
Satoshi Dezaki
Written byMachiko Kondo
Yuko Sakurai
StudioMagic Bus
ReleasedMarch 3, 1989
Runtime40 minutes
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Cipher is a manga series written and illustrated by Minako Narita.[1][2][3] It was adapted into an OVA in 1989.[4]


The story of Cipher is set in mid-1980s America, mainly New York City. It concerns the lives of former child stars twins Siva (Jake Rang) and Cipher (Roy Rang), who mysteriously began to trade places until the two became synonymous with each other. Anise Murphy is a classmate of Siva's, and shortly after becoming acquainted with him ends up entangled in a bet to see if she can tell the two apart after living at their apartment for two weeks.


  • Anise Murphy
  • Jake Rang (Siva)
  • Roy Rang (Cipher)
  • Rob
  • Jessica
  • Ruth
  • Alex Levine
  • Haru (Hal) Takeshita
  • Jean Rang (Jake & Roy Mother’s)


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