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For the 1999 live album compilation by King Crimson, see Cirkus: The Young Persons' Guide to King Crimson Live.
Origin London, England / Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Trip hop, alternative dance, electronica
Years active 2005 – present
Associated acts Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead
Members Burt Ford
Neneh Cherry
Lolita Moon
Thomas Nordström (live)
Jonotan (live)
Past members John Tonks

CirKus are a trip hop band formed by Burt Ford, Karmil (aka Matt Kent), Lolita Moon and Neneh Cherry.


DJ and producer Karmil was recruited by Burt Ford (Neneh's husband Cameron McVey) as an assistant recording engineer. They began to work on their own material at Karmil's home studio in London. Ford was singing, then Karmil's girlfriend Lolita Moon (Neneh and Cameron's daughter Tyson) was asked to sing on some tracks. Eventually Neneh Cherry joined the team and performed rapped/sung vocals. Ford and Karmil convinced Cherry to move to Sweden and the band settled in Cherry's country house near Malmö and recorded their first album Laylow, released in 2006. They are currently based between Stockholm and London.

The group released a second album, Medicine, in France in March 2009.




  • "Starved" (2006)
  • "Is What It Is" featuring Martin Jondo (2006)
  • "You're Such An..." (2007)
  • "Wake Up (It's Africa Calling)" with Youssou N'Dour (2007)
  • "Bells" (2011 US)

Instruments used on stage[edit]

  • Burt plays Novation X-Station and Kaoss Pad 2
  • Lolita plays Roland V-Synth (with its D-Beam system that allows her to control some parameters with her hand) and Akai MPC
  • Karmil plays Blueridge sunburst dreadnought acoustic guitar (Contemporary Series), Gibson Les Paul standard and a Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro V.
  • Both guitar and bass use line 6 pods.
  • Ableton Live is used to run triggered loops and samples


  • Karmil is Moon's boyfriend.

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