Circa Reproductions Morane Saulnier N

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Morane Saulnier N
Role Amateur-built aircraft
National origin Canada
Manufacturer Circa Reproductions
Designer Graham Lee
Status Plans available (2012)
Unit cost
US$99 (plans only, 2012)
Developed from Morane-Saulnier N

The Circa Reproductions Morane Saulnier N, also called the Bullet, is a Canadian amateur-built aircraft that was designed by Graham Lee and produced by Circa Reproductions, of Surrey, British Columbia. The aircraft is supplied as plans for amateur construction.[1][2]

The aircraft is a 90% scale replica of the First World War French Morane-Saulnier N fighter.[1]

Design and development[edit]

The aircraft features a cable-braced mid-wing, a single-seat open cockpit, fixed conventional landing gear and a single engine in tractor configuration.[1]

The aircraft is made from bolted-together aluminum tubing, with 18 in (3.2 mm) plywood fuselage formers and stringers, with its flying surfaces covered in doped aircraft fabric. Its 23.9 ft (7.3 m) span wing has an area of 117.5 sq ft (10.92 m2). Standard engines recommended are the 50 hp (37 kW) Rotax 503 and the 53 hp (40 kW) Hirth 2704 two-stroke. The 60 hp (45 kW) Volkswagen air-cooled engine four-stroke powerplant can be used, but the requirement for a smaller diameter propeller reduces performance.[1][2]

Specifications (Morane Saulnier N)[edit]

Data from Bayerl and Circa Reproductions[1][2]

General characteristics

  • Crew: one
  • Length: 19 ft 3 in (5.87 m)
  • Wingspan: 23 ft 10 in (7.26 m)
  • Height: 6 ft (1.8 m) approximately
  • Wing area: 117.5 sq ft (10.92 m2)
  • Empty weight: 275 lb (125 kg)
  • Gross weight: 600 lb (272 kg)
  • Fuel capacity: 12 U.S. gallons (45 L; 10.0 imp gal)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Rotax 503 twin cylinder, air-cooled, two stroke aircraft engine, 50 hp (37 kW)
  • Propellers: 2-bladed wooden


  • Maximum speed: 99 mph; 86 kn (160 km/h)
  • Cruising speed: 71 mph; 62 kn (115 km/h)
  • Stall speed: 30 mph; 26 kn (48 km/h)
  • Never exceed speed: 115 mph (100 kn; 185 km/h)
  • G limits: +5.7/-2.8
  • Rate of climb: 640 ft/min (3.25 m/s)


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