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Background information
OriginPori, Finland
GenresExperimental rock
Years active1991–present
No Quarter
Bad Vugum
MembersJussi Lehtisalo
Mika Rättö
Janne Westerlund
Tomi Leppänen
Julius Jääskeläinen
Pekka Jääskeläinen
Tuomas Laurila
Past membersOlli Joukio
Teemu Korpipää
Jyrki Laiho
Jani Viitanen
Teemu Elo
Janne Peltomäki
Janne Tuomi
Bruce Duff

Circle is a Finnish experimental rock band formed in Pori in 1991.[1] Their eclectic, ever-changing style has been associated with genres such as krautrock, heavy metal, progressive rock, and ambient.[citation needed] On some albums they have defined themselves as New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal (NWOFHM).[2]


Circle was formed in 1992 by bassist and singer Jussi Lehtisalo,[3] the only member who has been in the band throughout its career. Circle's krautrock-style debut album Meronia was released in 1994 and featured lyrics in a made-up language. A trio of albums, Andexelt (1999), Prospekt (2000), and Taantumus (2001), brought them international attention. Since recording 2002's Sunrise, the core line-up has consisted of Lehtisalo with keyboard player and singer Mika Rättö, drummer Tomi Leppänen, and guitarist Janne Westerlund, playing more heavy metal-oriented music though continuously influenced by krautrock band Faust.[3] Since 2009, Julius Jääskeläinen and Pekka Jääskeläinen have appeared on all recordings by the band. Sound engineer and musician/composer Tuomas Laurila is also credited as a member of the band on a number of releases.

Circle member have participated in a great number of side projects and split-offs, including stoner rock spin-off Pharaoh Overlord.[3] Rättö and Lehtisalo play as a duo, Rättö ja Lehtisalo, and as a trio with Kauko Röyhkä. Other projects featuring members of Circle include Steel Mammoth, Ektroverde, Janne Westerlund's Plain Ride, Lusiferiinin Armosta, K-X-P, Aavikko, Lehtisalofamily, Split Cranium Moon Fog Prophet, and Doktor Kettu.

Whilst recording the album Miljard in 2006 the band was filmed by Esko Lönnberg, and the resulting movie, Saturnus Reality released as a DVD, by No Quarter Records (2007). Lönnberg's attempt to make the film itself became the subject of another movie, The Man With The Video Camera, filmed by Petri Hagner, which has also been released as a DVD by Fonal Records (2010). The band are also closely associated with the filmmaker Mika Taanila: in 2011 they provided a live soundtrack to his 1998 silent film Pori (released as an album, Suur-Pori); and in 2012 recorded several new tracks for Six Day Run, also released subsequently as an album.

In 2011 Circle/Pharaoh Overlord were artists-in-residence at Dutch rock festival Roadburn Festival.[4] The group made its 32nd full-length album, Terminal, available for streaming on Soundcloud shortly before its official release on Southern Lord Records on 23 June 2017.[5]

In November 2021 Circle released Henki, a collaborative album made with English musician Richard Dawson, on Weird World (an imprint of Domino Records).[6]



Live albums[edit]


Soundtrack albums[edit]

EPs - 7"[edit]

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • 1995 Yllättäviä kohtaamisia / Surprising Encounters, LP/CD, (Bad Vugum) (Features the Circle tracks "Öja" and "Surrounding")
  • 1998 MetaZoon, CD, (Metamorphos) (Features the Circle tracks "Friitalan Nahka" and a cover version of King Crimson's song "The Talking Drum")
  • 2000 Tuonen Tytär - A Tribute to Finnish Progressive, CD, Mellow Records (Features a cover version of Haikara's song "Kun Menet Tarpeeksi Kauas Tulevaisuuteen, Huomaat Olevasi Menneisyydessä")
  • 2002 Klangbad First Steps, CD, (Klangbad) (Features the Circle tracks "Scotch" and "Northern Sky")
  • 2003 Painted Black, CD, (tUMULt) (Features a cover version of The Rolling Stones' song "Paint It Black")
  • 2006 Innature, CD, (Barge Recordings) (Features the Circle track "No Battle, No Fire")
  • 2006 SuperSonic 06, CD, (Capsule) (Features the Circle track "Nöyrä Ninja")
  • 2008 Like Black Holes in the Sky: A Tribute to Syd Barrett, CD, (Dwell Records) (Features a cover version of Syd Barrett's song "Rats")
  • 2009 Every Noise Has a Note, CD, (Trensmat Records) (Features the Circle track "Vaahto")


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