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Circle Magazine was published from 1944 to 1948 by George Leite, initially with poet Bern Porter. Produced at Leite's Berkeley, California, bookstore daliel's (stylized with a lowercase 'd'), it featured poetry, prose, criticism and art from many of those whose creative works and their successors would later come to be called the San Francisco Renaissance.[1] In addition to the magazine, Circle Editions published contemporary authors such as Albert Cossery and Henry Miller (a personal friend of Leite's).[2]

Issue contents and covers[edit]

Number one, 1944

Cover of first issue, 1944

Number two, 1944

Cover of second issue, 1944

Number three, 1944

Cover of third issue, 1944

Number four, 1944

Cover of fourth issue, 1944

Number five, 1945

Cover of fifth issue, 1945

Number six, 1945

Cover of sixth issue, 1945

Numbers seven and eight, 1946

Cover of seventh and eighth issue, 1946

Number nine, 1946

Cover of ninth issue, 1946

Number ten, 1948

Cover of tenth issue, 1948


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