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Circle Records
Parent companyJazzology
Founded1946 (1946)
FounderRudi Blesh
Harriet Janis
Country of originU.S.
LocationNew Orleans, Louisiana

Circle Records is a jazz record label founded in 1946 by Rudi Blesh and Harriet Janis.[1]

In New York, Blesh and Janis heard jazz drummer Warren "Baby" Dodds playing inventive solos with Bunk Johnson's band. Blesh said he hated drum solos until he saw Dodds. To record Dodds and others, they started Circle Records. The name was given by fellow audience member Marcel Duchamp, who said "Records are circles, and besides, no one can call you squares."

Circle recorded traditional jazz of the time, and its releases included Chippie Hill, George Lewis, and broadcasts of Blesh's This is Jazz radio show. The label was the first to release Jelly Roll Morton's Library of Congress recordings. Blesh and Janis continued the label until 1952.[1]

Circle was bought in the mid-1960s by George H. Buck, Jr., who reissued some of the catalog on compact disc, now under the control of the George H. Buck Jr. Jazz Foundation. This Circle Records is not to be confused with the German record label of the same name.[1]


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