Circle of Scorpions

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Circle of Scorpions is the 196th novel in the long-running Nick Carter-Killmaster series.

Publishing history[edit]

The book was first published in 1985.

Plot summary[edit]

Nick Carter knows that the KGB has called a meeting of all the world's terrorist organizations. It's a party he wants to crash: the only problem is, he doesn't know where or when. But espionage has its own deadly etiquette, and with the help of a beautiful double agent and a black market death-merchant, N3 proves that there are ways to get invited to even the most exclusive affairs...

Main characters[edit]

  • Nick Carter, agent N-3, AXE
  • Hawk, Carter’s boss, head of AXE
  • Naomi Bartinelli, money launderer and arms broker
  • Al Garret, AXE electronics expert
  • Ali Maumed Kashmir, Lebanese arms dealer
  • Carlotta Polti, Italian CID agent working undercover in the La Aicizia di Liberta Italiana terrorist group.
  • Hadley, Chris, Barzoni, Hal, Ted, and Marco, AXE strike team members
  • Oakhurst code name for an Amsterdam arms dealer
  • Tony Santoni, Italian CID
  • Sophia Palmori, Liberta terrorist member
  • Wombo, Pocky and Nordo Compari, Liberta terrorist members
  • Pietro Amani, jailed leader of Liberta
  • Jason Henry, American mercenary pilot