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Private company
Industry Telecommunications
Founded Singapore (2014 (2014))
Headquarters Singapore
Area served
Key people
Rameez Ansar
Abhishek Gupta
Adeel Najam
Services Mobile

Circles.Life is a digital telecommunications operator, launched in Singapore in May 2016.[1] Circles.Life offers post-paid mobile services to customers.[2]

Circles.Life is a mobile virtual network operator that purchases bandwidth from M1.[3] It does not have physical distribution channels, and its retail business is based online, with couriers delivering the SIM cards and mobile phones bought through the telco.[4][5]


Circles.Life operates under Liberty Wireless, a Singapore-based mobile telecommunications company incorporated in 2014.[6] In July 2015, Liberty Wireless signed the first-ever wholesale agreement for post-paid service with M1 Limited. Circles.Life leverages M1's mobile network but is not affiliated. This enables Liberty Wireless to provide voice, messaging and data services to customers;[7] becoming the first mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Singapore to offer full service mobile network services.[8]

Following its success in Singapore, Liberty Wireless is looking towards expanding Circles.Life to Indonesia and Hong Kong in late 2017.[9]

Network coverage, products and services[edit]

Circles.Life operates as a mobile virtual network operator. It does not own a physical network, and instead, leases bandwidth from M1 at wholesale rates. It has a 4G+ outdoor coverage of 99.10%,[10][11] based on M1’s coverage.

Customers can register online and have their SIM card delivered to them within a few days,[12] as well as purchase mobile phones through the website.[13]

CirclesCare, a mobile application that allows customers to customise their plans through a personalised dashboard

Circles.Life offers a monthly-based mobile base plan that is similar to SIM-only plans.[14] Its services are heavily targeted at the data-savvy consumer segment which makes up 15 to 20 per cent of Singapore’s market.[15] The company has announced in March 2017 that they are targeting 4-6% of the Singapore market in the next few years.[16]


CirclesCare is a mobile application that allows customers to customise their plan through a personalised dashboard.[17] It can also be used to track data usage and costs, and for customers to connect with the customer service team through a built-in customer care section.[18] Through this, Circles.Life hopes to eliminate the element of hidden charges that are known with existing telcos.[19]

Using the app, customers can request for future porting of their number with a transfer of ownership, set data roaming alerts and caps, update their personal and payment details, add on small increments of data and run speedtests to send to the Circles.Life team to improve network efficiency.[20]

Base Plan[edit]

Circles.Life offers one base plan starting from S$28 with no contract.[21] This includes free caller ID, unlimited Whatsapp usage (phone calls and messages do not use up data), 100 minutes of talktime (incoming and outgoing calls) and 6GB of data each month when a number is transferred through porting from rival telcos.[22]

Customers have the freedom to add on SMSes (S$4/100SMS), additional talktime (S$4/100 minutes) and extra data (S$6/1GB) at no customization fee. These customizations can be done upon initial sign-up or anytime, month by month, through the CirclesCare mobile app.[23]

Plus Options[edit]

Circles.Life offers Plus options that can be added on to existing Circles.Life base plans. They currently offer Unlimited Incoming Calls for an additional S$2 per month[24] and their newly unveiled Data Plus option, on March 7, 2017, gives customers the option to add 20GB of data for S$20, making them the largest no-contract data plan in Singapore.[25]

Unlimited Bonus Data[edit]

Customers are able to gain free additional data through referrals, loyalty bonus and port-in bonus.[26][27]

Circles.Life offered 10GB of bonus data to all customers over the five months following Singapore’s 51st National Day.[28] Users who joined the network in 2016 also received 1GB of additional data each month, which lasts until the end of June 2017.[29]

Installment Phone Purchase[edit]

With its partnerships with DBS / POSB and UOB, Circles.Life offers $0 upfront phone instalment plans with 0% interest rates for customers with DBS / POSB or UOB credit cards, who are looking to purchase devices.[30] These installment plans of 6, 12 or 24 months are available to customers at any time, as long as they have a Circles.Life plan.[31]


Circles.Life operates on a no-contract basis. Customers are not locked into a long-term contract, and can choose to terminate their plan without penalties.[32] Note: You need to stay for at least 2 billing cycles before terminating an account.


Circles.Life has several ongoing partnerships. They have partnered up with Whatsapp to offer unlimited Whatsapp calls and messages,[33] and with financial institutions and banks such as OCBC, DBS and UOB.

They have previously also partnered with Uber,[34] Grab,[35] Zalora and Lazada.[36]


In 2017, Circles.Life made the news with their publicity stunt involving Singaporean internet influencer duo, Youtiao666. Circles.Life created SGMobile, a fake company touted as the next telco entering the Singapore market. In this endeavour, they created a Facebook page, a website and established billboard ads at a train station under the fake brand SGMobile. Social media personalities were then filmed vandalising these ads. The ads and publicity stunts were aimed at highlighting certain grievances that consumers have with existing telcos. Following this, Circles.Life revealed their new 20GB for $20 Data Plus option that customers can add onto their existing plans.[37][38]


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