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Circles End is a Norwegian progressive rock band who started up in 1994 as a cover band named Venture. They renamed their project Circles End and started to write their own songs. They released their first EP in 1998 which was simply called "Circles End". Though the EP was well received, the band remained unsigned, so they pooled together their resources and recorded the full album "In Dialogue With The Moon" which was released in 2001. This album was also well received by the European progressive rock music press,[citation needed] but was somewhat neglected by the music industry. Around this time the band had a major line-up change and added a new keyboardist and bassplayer (in addition a guest saxophonist was added, not becoming a full member of the band until 2004). Circles End went into studio once more in 2003 to record their second full length album. A 7" single from the album, containing the songs "Echoes" and "Longshot" was released and it got the attention of the Bergen-based record company Karisma. The band signed with Karisma and released the full album from which the single had originated from. It came in 2004 and was called "Hang On To That Kite". Circles End also went on a tour of Norway after releasing this album.


  • Hang On To That Kite (Album, 2004, Karisma Records)
  • Echoes/Long Shot (Vinyl single, 2003, Independent)
  • In Dialogue With The Moon (Album, 2001, Independent)
  • Circles End (EP, 1998, Independent)

Current bandmembers[edit]

  • Omar Emanuel Johnsen - lead guitar
  • Trond H. Lunden - rhythm guitar
  • Jarle A. Pettersen - drums
  • Patrick Wilder - bass
  • Audun Halland - keyboards
  • Jon Trygve Olsen - saxophone

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