Circuit des Ardennes

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The Circuit des Ardennes was an auto race held annually at the Circuit de Bastogne, Bastogne, from 1902 to 1907. It was the first major race to run on a closed course instead of from one city to another. The name was later used for a rally, part of the Dutch as well as the Belgian national rally championships.[1]

Winners of the Circuit des Ardennes[edit]

Year Formula Driver Constructor Location Report
1902 Grand Prix United Kingdom Charles Jarrott Panhard 70 Bastogne Report
1903 Grand Prix Belgium Pierre de Crawhez Panhard 70 Bastogne Report
1904 Grand Prix United States George Heath Panhard 70 Bastogne Report
1905 Grand Prix France Victor Hémery Darracq Bastogne Report
1906 Grand Prix France Arthur Duray Lorraine-Dietrich Bastogne Report
1907 Grand Prix Belgium Pierre de Caters Mercedes-Benz Bastogne Report
Kaiserpreis United Kingdom John Moore-Brabazon Minerva


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