Circuito de Albacete

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Circuito de Albacete
Circuito de Albacete track map.svg
Location Albacete, Spain
Coordinates 39°0′28.14″N 1°47′45.24″W / 39.0078167°N 1.7959000°W / 39.0078167; -1.7959000Coordinates: 39°0′28.14″N 1°47′45.24″W / 39.0078167°N 1.7959000°W / 39.0078167; -1.7959000
Capacity 7,200
Opened 1990
Major events Endurance World Championship
Length 3.539 km (2.199 mi)

Circuito de Albacete is a motorsports facility located in Albacete, Spain, opened in 1990. The main circuit is 3.539 km (2.199 mi) long with 13 turns, 8 of them right turns and 5 left turns. The facility can also be configured in two other layouts: a 2.237 km (1.390 mi) long circuit with 8 turns, 5 right and 3 left, and a 1.336 km (0.830 mi) long circuit with 6 turns, 5 right and 1 left.


Circuito de Albacete.

Annual racing events at the facility include the Endurance World Championship and the FIA European Truck Racing Championship.

The facility also used to host a Superbike World Championship round from 1992 until 1999.

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