Circular (album)

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Circular (album).jpg
Studio album by
Released(Standard) February 27, 2006 (2006-02-27)
(Cómo Girar Sin Dar La Vuelta) March 26, 2007 (2007-03-26)
GenrePop rock
LabelUniversal Music, Muxxic
ProducerFélix Valluguera, Bori Alarcón
Vega chronology
Singles from Circular
  1. "Una Vida Contigo"
    Released: 2006
  2. "Y Llueve"
    Released: 2007

Circular is the second studio album by Spanish singer Vega, released on February 27, 2006 (see 2006 in music) by Universal Music Spain.


After her album, India, Vega switched from Vale Music to Universal Music Spain and started working on her second album. Once again, every song on it, except for "Eres" (Café Tacvba cover), were written by her. The first single off Circular was "Una Vida Contigo" (Spanish for A Life with You).

Circular: Cómo Girar Sin Dar La Vuelta[edit]

Due to the poor sales of the album, Vega went back to the studio and reworked the songs on her second effort, and also recorded two new songs: "Y Llueve" (Spanish for And It Rains) and "Clave De Sol". Both songs, along with the reworked versions of Circular, were then released as "Circular: Cómo Girar Sin Dar La Vuelta" (Circular: How To Spin Without Turning Around) on March 26, 2007. After releasing "Y Llueve" as the second single, both Vega and the label gave up promotion for the album, and she went on to concentrate on her future projects.

Track listing[edit]

Circular (2006)[edit]

  1. Circular
  2. Una Vida Contigo
  3. Eres
  4. No Hará Falta Discutir
  5. Y Si Sólo
  6. Hoy
  7. Sólo Quiero Amanecer
  8. Tan Distanto
  9. Reír Por No Llorar
  10. Libres
  11. Berlín
  12. Sin Prisa

Circular: Cómo Girar Sin Dar La Vuelta (2007)[edit]

  1. Y llueve
  2. Clave De sol
  3. Circular
  4. Una Vida Contigo
  5. Eres
  6. No Hará Falta Discutir
  7. Y Si Sólo
  8. Hoy
  9. Sólo Quiero Amanecer
  10. Tan Distanto
  11. Reír Por No Llorar
  12. Libres
  13. Berlín
  14. Sin Prisa