Circular Head Council

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Circular Head Council
LGATasmania CircularHead.png
Circular Head Council
Coordinates 41°6′36″S 145°02′24″E / 41.11000°S 145.04000°E / -41.11000; 145.04000Coordinates: 41°6′36″S 145°02′24″E / 41.11000°S 145.04000°E / -41.11000; 145.04000
Population 8,245 (2015 est)[1]
 • Density 1.67684/km2 (4.3430/sq mi)
Area 4,917 km2 (1,898.5 sq mi)
Mayor Daryl Quilliam
Council seat Smithton
Region Smithton and Stanley area
State electorate(s) Braddon
Federal Division(s) Braddon
Circular Head Council Logo.png
Website Circular Head Council
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King Island Bass Strait Bass Strait
Southern Ocean Circular Head Council Waratah-Wynyard
Southern Ocean West Coast West Coast

The Circular Head Council is a local government area of Tasmania. It covers the far north-west corner of the state mainland.

The major centres of the municipality are Smithton, on the north coast; Stanley, east of Smithton; and Marrawah on the west coast. It also includes the geographical formation of The Nut, at Stanley, and some islands just off the north west tip of the state including Robbins Island, Hunter Island and Three Hummock Island.


Name Position[2] Party affiliation
Daryl Quilliam Mayor/Councillor   Independent
Jan Bishop Deputy Mayor/Councillor   Independent
Norman Berechree Councillor   Independent
Betty Kay Councillor   Independent
John Oldaker Councillor   Independent
Ashley Popowski Councillor   Independent
Nakore Popowski Councillor   Independent
Trevor Spinks Councillor   Independent
David Woodward Councillor   Independent


Suburb Population
(2011 census)[3]
Woolnorth Incl. in Arthur River
West Montagu Incl. in Montagu
Montagu 327 Includes West Montagu, Broadmeadows, Mella, Sorpus
Sorpus Incl. in Montagu
Hunter Island Incl. in Arthur River
Three Hummock Island Incl. in Arthur River
Trefoil Island Incl. in Arthur River
Walker Island Incl. in Arthur River
Robbins Island Incl. in Arthur River
Kangaroo Island Incl. in Arthur River
Perkins Island Incl. in Arthur River
Mella Incl. in Montagu
Smithton 3,935
Broadmeadows Incl. in Montagu
Stanley 481
Wiltshire Incl. in Forest
Black River Incl. in Mawbanna
Cowrie Point Incl. in Mawbanna
Port Latta Incl. in Mawbanna
Crayfish Creek Incl. in Hellyer
Edgcumbe Beach Incl. in Hellyer
Rocky Cape 216
Montumana Incl. in Mawbanna
Mawbanna 208 Includes Montumana, Port Latta, Cowrtie Point, Black River
Forest 590 Includes Wiltshire
South Forest Incl. in Mengha
Mengha 300 Includes South Forest, Alcombie
Scotchtown 303 Includes Edith Creek
Irishtown 287
Alcombie Incl. in Mengha
Lileah Incl. in Trowutta
Nabageena Incl. in Trowutta
Edith Creek Incl. in Scotchtown
Roger River Incl. in Trowutta
Detention Incl. in Rocky Cape
Hellyer 302 Includes Crayfish Creek, Edgcumbe Beach
Westcoast 13 Includes Temma
Christmas Hills Incl. in Redpa
Brittons Swamp Incl. in Redpa
Togari Incl. in Redpa
Redpa 343 Includes Togari, Brittons Swamp, Christmas Hills
Marrawah Incl. in Arthur River
Arthur River 371 Includes Wooolnorth, Hunter Island, Three Hammock Island, Trefoil Island, Walker Island, Robbins Island,, Kangaroo Island, Marrawah, Nelson Bay
Nelson Bay Incl. in Arthur River
Temma Incl. in Westcoast
Trowutta 297 Includes Lileah, Nabageena, Roger River
Total 7,973
4 Variance
Local government total 7,977 Gazetted Central Coast Local Government Area


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