Circular Park

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Circular Park
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Poplavok Lake at the Circular Park
Type Public
Location Kentron district, Yerevan, Armenia
Coordinates 40°10′36″N 44°31′23″E / 40.17667°N 44.52306°E / 40.17667; 44.52306Coordinates: 40°10′36″N 44°31′23″E / 40.17667°N 44.52306°E / 40.17667; 44.52306
Area 30 hectares
Operated by Yerevan City Council
Status Open all year

The Circular Park (Armenian: Օղակաձեւ Զբոսայգի); also known as the Youth Park, is a public park in the Kentron district of the Armenian capital Yerevan. It starts with the Cathedral of Saint Gregory at the south on Tigran Mets street, and ends up with the Poplavok lake at the north near Mashtots Avenue. The park lies along Khanjyan, Yervand Kochar, Alex Manoogian, Moskovian and Isahakyan streets, forming a half-circular shaped park around the eastern part of downtown Yerevan.[1] The park has an approximate length of 2500 metres and an average width of 120 metres.

Famous structures in the Circular Park[edit]

The benefactors' walkway of the park was opened in October 2012 featuring the statues of 6 prominent Armenian benefactors: Boghos Nubar, Aleksandr Mantashyan, Alex Manoogian, Calouste Gulbenkian, Mikael Aramyants and Hovhannes Lazaryan.[2]

An indoor sports complex within the Circular park is under construction (as of 2013).