Circumferential Highway

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Circumferential Highway may refer to one of the following beltways/orbital roads/ring roads:



Manitoba Highway 100 and 101, an orbital highway that circles Winnipeg, known as the Perimeter Highway. The southern portion (Hwy 100), is a four-lane divided highway that makes up the bypass route of the Trans-Canada Highway, and is heavily travelled. Much of it has been upgraded to freeway standards, but there remain several at-grade signalized intersections. The northern portion (Hwy 101), is a mix of two-lane and four-lane divided highway, with a most intersections being grade-separated. An incomplete Turbo Interchange currently exists at Hwy 101 and Lagimodiere (Hwy 59).



There are 6 Circumferential Roads in the Metro Manila area of the Philippines. See Major roads in Metro Manila.

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