Circumstance (1922 film)

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Directed by Lawson Harris
Produced by Lawson Harris
Written by Lawson Harris
Yvonne Pavis
Starring Lawson Harris
Yvonne Pavis
Cinematography Arthur Higgins
Austral Super Films
Distributed by Austral Super Films
Release date
3 June 1922
Running time
five reels
Country Australia
Language Silent film
English intertitles
Budget less than £800[1]

Circumstance is a 1922 Australian silent film directed by Lawson Harris.


A young woman is seduced and deserted by a man. She is rescued by a wealthy novelist, who wants to write a story about her life. The novelist's cousin proposes to the girl, only to realise she is the same girl he seduced and abandoned earlier in his life.



The film was produced by two Americans, Lawson Harris and Yvonne Pavis. Harris came to Australia in 1920 to help Arthur Shirley make The Throwback and later ran an acting school. He was joined in 1922 by Pavis, who was an experienced Hollywood actor. Together they made three low budget feature films.[1]


The film was profitable, due in part to its low cost.[1]


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