Circus Bar

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Circus Bar
Studio album by Brian Howe
Released February 26, 2010
Genre Rock
Length 51.1 minutes
Label Frontiers Records,
Producer Brooks Paschal
Brian Howe chronology
Circus Bar

Circus Bar is the second solo album by former singer of Bad Company Brian Howe. Produced by Brooks Paschal and mixed by Rafe McKenna, the album includes two newly recorded remakes of the Bad Company hits "How About That" and "Holy Water".

Some friends helped Brian in shaping up Circus Bar: Wayne Nelson of Little River Band dropped by the studio for a few days and also Pat Travers popped in and played guitar on "My Town".

Track listing[edit]

  1. I'm Back
  2. Life's Mystery
  3. There's This Girl
  4. Could Have Been You
  5. Surrounded
  6. Flying
  7. How It Could Have Been
  8. My Town
  9. How 'Bout That (new version)
  10. Feels Like I'm Coming Home
  11. If You Want Trouble
  12. Feelings
  13. Holy Water (new version)
  14. Little George Street


  • Vocals - Brian Howe
  • Guitar - Brooks Paschal
  • Guitar - Dean Aicher
  • Guitar - James Paul Wisner
  • Guitar - Tyson Shipman
  • Guitar - Pat Travers
  • Bass - Brooks Paschal
  • Bass - Miguel Gonzalez
  • Bass - Wayne Nelson
  • Drums/Percussion - Matt Brown
  • Keyboards - Luke Davids

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