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Ciro Alfredo Gálvez Herrera (born 16 January 1961 in Surcubamba, Tayacaja Province, Huancavelica) is a Peruvian lawyer, songwriter, professor of Quechua and politician. As candidate of the Andean Renaissance party, he ran unsuccessfully in the Peruvian presidential elections in 2001 and 2006.


Ciro Gálvez studied law at the National University of San Marcos in Lima and graduated as lawyer. He studied also Quechua at the INSUC Institute (Instituto Superior de Quechua) in Lima. He opened a notary office in Huancayo.

In 1993, Ciro Gálvez founded the Andean Renaissance party (Renacimiento Andino). He ran unsuccessfully for President in 2001 and was running as Andean Renaissance's presidential candidate for the 2006 national election. On April 7, 2006, two days before the election, he withdrew from the race unofficially, expressing his support for Lourdes Flores' candidacy, but without presenting a formal resignation and not affecting the ballot. He received 0.186% of the vote, coming in 15th place.

He is dean of the Notary College of Junín, Quechua professor – he speaks and sings in Chanka Quechua – and legal assessor of several companies. He is lifelong member of the Inter-American Network of Law Firms and former Professor of Civil Rights at the Los Andes Peruvian University.

Some of his songs such as Kutisaq/Volveré (I will return), Pim wañuchiwachkanchik / Quién nos está matando (Who is killing us) and Iskay pishtaku chawpimpi / Entre dos fuegos (Between two fires) have become popular.

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