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Cirocha ve Stakčíně.jpg
Cirocha in Stakčín
Country Slovakia
Basin features
Main source Bukovec Mountains
River mouth Laborec near Humenné
48°56′00″N 21°55′58″E / 48.9334°N 21.9329°E / 48.9334; 21.9329Coordinates: 48°56′00″N 21°55′58″E / 48.9334°N 21.9329°E / 48.9334; 21.9329
Progression LaborecLatoricaBodrogTiszaDanubeBlack Sea
Basin size 499 km2 (193 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 56.6 km (35.2 mi)
  • Average rate:
    2.85 m3/s (101 cu ft/s)

Cirocha (Hungarian: Ciróka) is a 56.6 km long river and tributary of Laborec in the Prešov Region of eastern Slovakia. Its watershed basin area is around 499 km², and the average flow is 2.85 m³/s in Snina.


The headwaters of the Cirocha are in the Bukovské vrchy mountains under the Ruské sedlo saddle at the Slovak-Polish border. It flows south and west after first few kilometres into the Starina reservoir, flowing further to the municipalities of Snina and Stakčín. From Stakčín it flows to the west, to its confluence with the Laborec river near Humenné.

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