Cirque Lodge

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Cirque Lodge
Location Sundance, Utah
Patron Richard Losee
Founded 1999

Cirque Lodge is a for-profit drug addiction treatment facility located in Orem, Utah founded in 1999 by Richard Losee. Cirque Lodge specializes in treating drug and alcohol addiction in adults and youth as well as offering family workshops, individualized therapy programs and weekly onsite al-anon meetings.[1] In 2002, Cirque Lodge opened a second facility in Orem, Utah in a former television studio.[2] The facilities combined hold a maximum of 56 patients.[3]


The Cirque Lodge program is based on the Alcoholics Anonymous traditional twelve-step program. The treatment incorporates "experiential therapy", including activities such as hiking, fishing, rafting, art therapy and equine therapy.[4][5] The program includes both group and individual psychotherapy.[3] As of August 2007, the 30-day treatment costs an average of US$30,000.[3] While celebrities are known to frequent the lodge, it also hosts less high-profile and affluent patients and has offered scholarships to patients who could not afford treatment.[6]


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