Cirque d'Estaubé

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The Cirque d'Estaubé from the north
The Cirque d'Estaubé from the north

The Cirque d'Estaubé is a cirque in the central Pyrenees in the Pyrenees National Park, forming the frontier between France and Spain. The cirque lies 4 km to the east of its better known neighbour, the Cirque de Gavarnie, which is accessible via the Hourquette d'Alans (2,430 m); the Marboré valley is reached via the Brèche de Tuquerouye (Tuca Arroja) (2,666 m), where there is a small CAF hut.

The Gave d'Estaubé descends north from the cirque, first flowing into a small reservoir, the Barrage des Gloriettes (1,668 m), then into the main Héas valley.


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Principal summits[edit]

  • Pic Rouge de Pailla (2,780 m/2,779 m)
  • Grand Astazou (3,071 m /3,083 m)
  • Pic de Tuquerouye (Pic de Tuquerouge) (2,819 m)
  • Pic de Pinède (2,860 m/2,861 m)
  • Pic Blanc (2,828 m)
  • Pic de la Canau (2,766 m)
  • Soum de Port Bieil (2,846 m)
  • Pics d'Estaubé (2,810 m)

Coordinates: 42°42′21″N 0°01′06″W / 42.70583°N 0.01833°W / 42.70583; -0.01833