Cirque de Gavarnie

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Photochrom circa 1900 of the Cirque de Gavarnie.
Snow Cirque de Gavarnie.

The Cirque de Gavarnie is a cirque in the central Pyrenees, in south-western France. The cirque is 800 m wide (on the deepest point) and about 3,000 m wide at the top. It is located within the commune of Gavarnie, the department of Hautes-Pyrénées, and the Pyrenees National Park.

Major features of the cirque are La Brèche de Roland and the Gavarnie Falls.

Village and cirque
Closer view of Gavarnie Falls

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Coordinates: 42°41′49″N 0°00′29″W / 42.69694°N 0.00806°W / 42.69694; -0.00806