Citadel of Homs

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Homs Castle
قلعة حمص
Homs, Syria
18th century original drawing of the castle of Hims by Cassas.jpg
Romantic Illustration of Emesa by the great artist Louis-François Cassas
Homs Castleقلعة حمص is located in Syria
Homs Castleقلعة حمص
Homs Castle
قلعة حمص
Coordinates 34°43′26″N 36°42′52″E / 34.723807°N 36.714371°E / 34.723807; 36.714371
Type Castle
Site information
Condition Ruins

Homs Castle (Arabic: قلعة حمص‎) is located in Homs, Syria. The citadel was built on top of an ancient tell with remains dating back to the 3rd millennium BCE.[1]


Julia Domna, daughter of the high-priest Julius Bassianus, has contributed to improve the city of Emesa and its citadel during the Roman Syria era. At that time, the citadel was able to contain accommodation, warehouses and administrative buildings surrounded by semi-circular walls.

However, today the Citadel is in ruinous state as a result of massive demolition started by the Egyptian army of Ibrâhîm Pasha in the 1830s. This was followed by leveling and extensive new construction carried out when the site was used as a military base by the French army during the Mandate period and thereafter by the Syrian army.

The Citadel was only abandoned for military purposes in the late 1980s when it passed to the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums.[2]


The citadel is locally known as "Citadel of Usama", named after Usama ibn Munqidh.[3]

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