Citations Drum and Bugle Corps

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Citations Drum and Bugle Corps
TypeDrum and Bugle Corps
LocationBurlington, Massachusetts
DivisionClass A/A60; Open Class

The Citations Drum and Bugle Corps was an Open Class competitive junior drum and bugle corps from Burlington, Massachusetts. The corps competed in Drum Corps International (DCI) as well as in several regional circuits but ceased operations following the 2009 season.


Founded in 1965, the corps persisted for many years, sometimes competing on the field in the Eastern organizations that formerly existed, such as Drum Corps East, E-Mass, and the Garden State Circuit, and in other years, performing only as a parade unit. In its early years, the corps competed in Class A.

Citations had a few years of competitive success, but was mostly an average local corps that barely managed to continue. The 1986 corps finished as the DCI 6th place Class A Finalist, but the following season, the corps disappeared from the national scene for several years.

When DCI created Class A60 for corps with 60 members or less, Citations moved into the new class, usually placing around the middle of the group which was later renamed Division III. After going inactive in 2001, the corps struggled for a few years, although they had a highlight of performing at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.[1]

In 2007, the corps traveled to DCI's first California Championships in Pasadena, placing 10th of 15 Division III corps.[2]

In 2008, DCI combined Divisions II & III. In the new Open Class, Citations grew in size, and the corps' performance quality improved significantly. The corps finished 6th of 23 Open Class Corps in Michigan City and Bloomington, Indiana.[2]

For the 2009 season, Citations placed third of 19 corps at Michigan City and finished in third place in the Open Class Finals at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.[2]

Despite the corps' newfound success, the Citations were but one of many North American drum corps that fell victim to the Great Recession of 2007–09. The corps went inactive after returning home from Indianapolis and folded soon after.


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