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Citibank Korea
Industry Finance
Founded 1983
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Number of employees
3,681 (2011)
Parent Citigroup

Citibank Korea(한국씨티은행) is a South Korean subsidiary of Citigroup. It was founded as KorAm Bank in 1983, and Citibank acquired and merged it with its Seoul branch in 2003. Its SWIFT code is CITIKRSX while South Korean interbank transfer code is that of old KorAm Banks', which is 027.

Citibank Korea runs "international" ATMs, which are connected to Visa, MasterCard, and Diners Club networks, in all of its 212 branches, which is unusual in South Korea. Due to its minor market cap, Citibank Korea opens several interbank networks. For instance, Citibank Korea customers can use Korea Post banking counters and ATMs without additional fees since 1998.[1]

Citibank Korea has sponsored the Korea Professional Baseball since 2010.

Citibank Korea reduced the number of its branches from 190 to 134 in 2014. Citibank Korea was named the worst bank in terms of consumer complaints by the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) in 2015. [2]

Credit card[edit]

Citibank Korea issues its own credit card along with BC branded credit and debit card. BC branded cards are inherited from defunct Gyeonggi Bank, and Shinsegae Visa co-branded cards used to be KorAm Bank branded cards. One of the most popular service Citibank Korea debit/credit card offers is international cash card service, which bank charges $1 fee only when transaction is made on any worldwide Citibank ATMs.[3]

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