Three Garden Road, Central

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Three Garden Road, Central
HK Citibank Tower.jpg
General information
Location3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
Coordinates22°16′43″N 114°09′39″E / 22.2787°N 114.1607°E / 22.2787; 114.1607 (Citibank Plaza)Coordinates: 22°16′43″N 114°09′39″E / 22.2787°N 114.1607°E / 22.2787; 114.1607 (Citibank Plaza)
OwnerChampion REIT
Top floor47th Floor (Champion Tower); 37th Floor (ICBC Tower)
Technical details
Floor area1,559,000 sq ft (144,800 m2)
Design and construction
ArchitectRocco Design Architects Limited
Lobby of the building

Three Garden Road, Central, formerly Citibank Plaza, is a modern glass and steel office complex in Hong Kong, owned by Champion REIT. It comprises Champion Tower (formerly known as Citibank Tower), a 47-storey building, and ICBC Tower (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Tower), a 37-storey building, as well as a retail podium.

Located in the Central District of Hong Kong, Three Garden Road, Central is positioned within the traditional financial hub of Hong Kong and the headquarter buildings of all three of Hong Kong’s currency issuing banks are in close vicinity.

The property offers office space with a lettable floor area of more than 1.22 million square feet, approximately 42,500 square feet of retail space, as well as a three level basement car park capable of accommodating 558 vehicles.

With a gross floor area of almost 1,600,000 sq ft (150,000 m2), Three Garden Road, Central is one of the biggest office complexes in Hong Kong. At 205 metres tall, Champion Tower reaches up to the 47th floor. The highest floor on ICBC Tower is the 37th.

Completed in 1992 by the Great Eagle Group, it was one of the first office buildings in Hong Kong to incorporate intelligent building and environmentally friendly features. The property designed by renowned Hong Kong architect Rocco Yim, garnered the Hong Kong Institute of Architects' highest award, the Silver Medal, in 1995 in recognition of its architectural design excellence.[citation needed]

In 2007 and 2013, the property was acquired by Champion REIT.

In 2016, upon completion of a series of asset enhancement works, the complex has undergone a series of improvement works at a cost exceeding HK$100 million in 2015. The property is officially renamed as Three Garden Road, Central on 28 June 2016. The new name reflects the location of the property which is located in the Central Business District. Citibank Tower is also renamed as Champion Tower whereas the name of ICBC Tower remains unchanged.

Three Garden Road, Central also offers the only fitness centre with swimming pool in Central (Pure Fitness), a bar area with live sports TV entertainment (simplylife Foodplace), alfresco dining area, extended green landscape and Musica del Cuore (the Italian term of Music of the Heart), a free concert series that presents some of the finest classical repertories every Friday evening.

Three Garden Road, Central has set a new standard of office trend in Hong Kong by introducing the new tenant Eaton House, the next generation work club and a hybrid of co-working space and private club.

US law firm Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP is one of the tower's prominent tenants, located on the 35th floor.


  • 1989: In July 1989, Great Eagle acquired a prime site situated on Garden Road, Central, for commercial development. Great Eagle led the development consortium and acted as both project and leasing manager.
  • 1992: Construction completed; the building was the first truly intelligent office building in Hong Kong with design specifications vastly superior to other prime structures in Hong Kong at that time. It offered state-of-the-art facilities such as raised flooring and smart entry gates and its main tenants were internationally renowned financial institutions.
  • 1994: Garnered the Hong Kong Institute of Architects' highest award, the Silver Medal, in recognition for its outstanding architectural design.
  • 2001: Chinese name of the building changed from 萬國寶通廣場 to 花旗銀行廣場.
  • 2006: Spun off and included in Champion REIT.
  • 2016: Officially renamed as Three Garden Road, Central on 28 June 2016.


Besides its two characteristic curved reflective facades, the complex contains many distinct architectural features, such as the flexibility to join 26 floors of both towers to provide an enlarged floor plate of up to 34,000 sq ft (3,200 m2). Two ten-storey tall frameless glass panels provide the main lobby with natural lighting and allow visitors to “look thorough” the building.[citation needed]

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