Citibus (Lubbock)

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Lubbock citibus logo.png
Slogan We go wherever life takes you
Founded 1932
Headquarters 801 Texas Avenue
Locale Lubbock, Texas
Service area Lubbock, Texas
Service type Bus and paratransit
Routes 9 City, 8 Texas Tech University campus
Hubs Downtown Transfer Plaza
Fuel type Ultra-low sulfur diesel, Diesel-electric hybrid
Operator McDonald Transit Associates

Citibus is the public transportation bus and paratransit system which serves Lubbock, Texas. It runs bus routes throughout the city, with the main routes converging at the Downtown Transfer Plaza, which also houses the Greyhound bus terminal. Citibus has been in continual service since 1971 when the city of Lubbock took over public transit operations. The paratransit system is called Citiaccess.

Citibus operates six days a week from 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Nighttime service is supplemented by a curb-to-curb service called the NiteRide. In addition to regular bus routes, it has a partnership with Texas Tech University to run shuttle buses on school days and game-day events.

City Route List[edit]

  • Route 1 - Dunbar Area
  • Route 2 - East Broadway
  • Route 5 - Boston/S. Quaker/South Plains Mall
  • Route 6 - Buddy Holly/50th St. Crosstown
  • Route 9 - Ave. Q/S. University/S. Quaker
  • Route 12 - Arnett Benson/4th St.
  • Route 14 - Cherry Point
  • Route 19 - Wayland Plaza/South Plains Mall
  • Route 34 - 34th St./South Plains Mall

Campus Route List[edit]

  • North Overton Park
  • South Overton Park
  • Masked Rider
  • North Indiana and 4th
  • Northwest
  • Red Raider
  • Tech Terrace
  • Double T

Hybrid buses[edit]

Citibus has unveiled six diesel-electric hybrid buses that will begin service on city routes. Managers hope the buses will use 60 percent of the fuel that their older, larger peers consume running customers across the city. Lubbock purchased the buses with almost $3.3 million in state and federal grant money. The smaller buses seat 23 passengers, can support full-size wheelchairs and will run on all but two city-based routes. Battery packs showed no signs of failure over the past five years in other cities, the equipment has a lifespan of seven years [1]


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