Lists of cities and towns in the South Island by population

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This is a list of cities and towns in the South Island of New Zealand by the size of their urban area.

The populations given in the table below are provisional New Zealand usually resident populations, June 2008 estimates, and refer to the entire main urban area unless otherwise stated.


Urban Area Population Region Territorial Authority
Christchurch 389,700 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Dunedin 118,500 Otago Dunedin City Council
Invercargill 50,700 Southland Invercargill City Council
Nelson 65,700 Nelson Nelson City Council


Population 10,000 and over[edit]

Urban Area Population Region Territorial Authority
Ashburton 19,850 Canterbury Ashburton District
Blenheim 30,700 Marlborough Marlborough District
Oamaru 13,850 Otago Waitaki District
Queenstown 14,300 Otago Queenstown Lakes District
Rangiora 17,350 Canterbury Waimakariri District
Richmond 14,500 Tasman Tasman District
Rolleston 13,100[1] Canterbury Selwyn District
Timaru 37,200 Canterbury Timaru District

Population 1,000 to 9,999[edit]

Urban Area Population Region Territorial Authority
Alexandra 5,300[1] Otago Central Otago District
Amberley 1,305 Canterbury Hurunui District
Arrowtown 2,830[1] Otago Queenstown Lakes District
Balclutha 4,010[1] Otago Clutha District
Bluff 1,870[1] Southland Invercargill City
Brightwater 1,950[1] Tasman Tasman District
Cromwell 4,670[1] Otago Central Otago District
Darfield 2,140[1] Canterbury Selwyn District
Eyreton 2,139 Canterbury Waimakariri District
Geraldine 2,460[1] Canterbury Timaru District
Gore 9,890[1] Southland Gore District
Greymouth 9,750[1] West Coast Grey District
Hokitika 3,600[1] West Coast Westland District
Kaikoura 2,080[1] Canterbury Kaikoura District
Leeston 1,810[1] Canterbury Selwyn District
Leithfield 2,385 Canterbury Hurunui District
Lincoln 5,240[1] Canterbury Selwyn District
Lyttelton 3,072 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Mapua 1,878 Tasman Tasman District
Mataura 1,560 Southland Gore District
Milton 1,940[1] Otago Clutha District
Motueka 8,180[1] Tasman Tasman District
Picton 4,340[1] Marlborough Marlborough District
Renwick 1,872 Marlborough Marlborough District
Riverton 1,500[1] Southland Southland District
Takaka 1,300[1] Tasman Tasman District
Te Anau 2,040[1] Southland Southland District
Temuka 4,330[1] Canterbury Timaru District
Wakefield 2,250[1] Tasman Tasman District
Wanaka 7,850[1] Otago Queenstown Lakes District
Westport 3,970[1] West Coast Buller District
Winton 2,350[1] Southland Southland District

Major Suburbs[edit]

The following suburbs have a population of over 2,000.


Suburb Population Region Territorial Authority
Riccarton 9,786 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Linwood 9,024 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Hornby 8,007 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Christchurch Central City 7,653 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Shirley 7,176 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Cashmere 6,876 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Woolston 5,733 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Sydenham 5,478 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Halswell 4,065 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Sumner 3,978 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Belfast 3,726 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
New Brighton 3,642 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Papanui 3,543 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Merivale 3,012 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Fendalton 2,898 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Bishopdale 2,454 Canterbury Christchurch City Council
Burnside 2,370 Canterbury Christchurch City Council


Suburb Population Region Territorial Authority
Mosgiel 10,497 Otago Dunedin City Council
Dunedin North 7,047 Otago Dunedin City Council
St Kilda 5,904 Otago Dunedin City Council
Caversham 5,058 Otago Dunedin City Council
North East Valley 4,413 Otago Dunedin City Council
St Clair 4,179 Otago Dunedin City Council
Roslyn 3,957 Otago Dunedin City Council
Vauxhall 3,918 Otago Dunedin City Council
Brockville 3,393 Otago Dunedin City Council
Mornington 3,393 Otago Dunedin City Council
Wakari 3,069 Otago Dunedin City Council
Port Chalmers ~3,000 Otago Dunedin City Council
Musselburgh 2,835 Otago Dunedin City Council
South Dunedin 2,538 Otago Dunedin City Council
Andersons Bay 2,532 Otago Dunedin City Council
Green Island 2,430 Otago Dunedin City Council
City Rise 2,406 Otago Dunedin City Council
Pine Hill 2,259 Otago Dunedin City Council
Fairfield 2,010 Otago Dunedin City Council


Suburb Population Region Territorial Authority
Rosedale 3,855 Southland Invercargill City Council
Gladstone-Avenal 3,768 Southland Invercargill City Council
Grasmere 3,342 Southland Invercargill City Council
Heidelberg 3,078 Southland Invercargill City Council
Newfield 2,910 Southland Invercargill City Council
Georgetown 2,229 Southland Invercargill City Council
Waikiwi 2,193 Southland Invercargill City Council


Suburb Population Region Territorial Authority
Stoke ~7,000 Nelson Nelson City Council
The Wood 2,730 Nelson Nelson City Council
Maitlands 2,412 Nelson Nelson City Council
Atawhai 2,154 Nelson Nelson City Council
Tahunanui ~2,000 Nelson Nelson City Council
Annesbrook Nelson Nelson City Council
Britannia Heights Nelson Nelson City Council
Nelson South Nelson Nelson City Council
Washington Valley Nelson Nelson City Council


Suburb Population Town Territorial Authority
Allenton 5,172 Ashburton Ashburton District Council
Redwoodtown 4,881 Blenheim Marlborough District Council
Whitney 4,005 Blenheim Marlborough District Council
Witherlea 3,993 Blenheim Marlborough District Council
Marchwiel 3,741 Timaru Timaru District Council
Highfield 3,408 Timaru Timaru District Council
Springlands 3,081 Blenheim Marlborough District Council
Fraser Park 2,790 Timaru Timaru District Council
Tinwald 2,703 Ashburton Ashburton District Council
Mayfield 2,694 Blenheim Marlborough District Council
Seaview 2,505 Timaru Timaru District Council
Parkside 2,412 Timaru Timaru District Council
Hampstead 2,325 Ashburton Ashburton District Council
Watlington 2,256 Timaru Timaru District Council
Gleniti 2,022 Timaru Timaru District Council



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