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Subsidiary of Citigroup
Industry Wealth management
Founded 1984
Headquarters New York, USA
Products Investments

Citigold is a company whose target demographic group are wealthy upper-class investors, whose assets are worth no less than US$150,000 or a similar value in the local currency. Starting on November 1, 2016, an account minimum of US$200,000 is required to avoid fees. Launched in 1984, Citigold, a subsidiary of the multinational financial corporation Citigroup has high market capitalisation in the Middle East and Asia, and also operates in Australia and parts of North and South America.

Once a customer has agreed to start an account, usually they are assigned a relationship manager to handle their day-to-day banking needs and periodically update their portfolio holdings.[citation needed]

In a bid to lure private banking customers to their service, Citigold created a programme called Citigold Select, which helps the bank prioritise clients willing and able to invest in the excess of US$500,000 over other customers.[1]


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