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Developer(s)sp0n, inc.
Initial release3/1/2017
Operating systemAndroid, iOS

Citizen is a safety network and mobile application designed to open the 911 and emergency response systems of cities, providing crime and safety alerts, real-time incident updates, and live user-generated video streams. Originally titled Vigilante,[1] the app rebranded as Citizen, launching first in New York City in early 2017 and then the San Francisco Bay Area later the same year.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


The app originally released as Vigilante in 2016, immediately causing controversy and finding itself removed from the Apple App Store after less than a week.[2] Relaunching in 2017 as Citizen, the app's mission was refocused to 'Protect the World'[3], by keeping communities informed of law enforcement and emergency activity in their proximity.


In February 2018, Citizen reported having over 250,000 monthly active users.[4] The company plans to expand to more cities in the coming year.


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