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A citizen is a person with citizenship, i. e. a membership in a sovereign political community such as a country.

Citizen or citizens may also refer to:

Arts and literature[edit]


  • Citizen Holdings or Citizen Watch, a Japanese maker of watches and other consumer electronic devices often branded as "Citizen"
  • Citizens Financial Group, an American bank headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island
  • Citizens Insurance, the name for state government established, non-profit insurers in the American states of Florida and Louisiana
  • Citizens Republic Bancorp, an American bank headquartered in Flint, Michigan


  • Citizen (Chicago newspaper), a Chicago newspaper group also producing the Ravenswood Citizen, North Side Citizen, and Uptown Citizen at various times from 1910 to 1930
  • The Citizen, a South African national newspaper
  • The Ottawa Citizen, a newspaper in Canada's capital known locally as "The Citizen"



  • Citizen's dividend, a proposal that all citizens receive regular payments (dividends) from revenue raised by leasing or taxing the monopoly of valuable land and other natural resources
  • Citizen AA, a sports club in Hong Kong First Division League
  • London Citizens, also known as "Citizens", an alliance of community organisations in London
  • Old Citizens, alumni of the City of London School
  • "The Citizens" is a commonly used nickname for Manchester City F.C.
  • "The Citizens" is the former nickname of Norwich City F.C.
  • Citizen (app), safety-related mobile application

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