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Citizen Change is a political service group, founded in 2004 by musician P. Diddy, and backed by Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey and 50 Cent.[1] The stated aim was to get young people and minorities to vote.[2] A band named CitiZEN Change from Galveston, Texas played music together from 2001-2005, who originally owned a website domain bearing the name sold it to the campaign in 2004.


The campaign's message, promoted on t-shirts and other things, is "Vote or Die!", a phrase adapted from Join, or Die, a well-known cartoon by Benjamin Franklin.

2004 presidential election[edit]

P. Diddy said at the time that its mission was to make voting "hot" and "sexy."[3][4] The 2004 campaign included a line of "Vote or Die" t-shirts, an album, a voter registration push in cities and campuses nationwide, and commercials on such outlets as MTV and BET.[2]

2008 presidential election[edit]

P. Diddy invoked the phrase, "Obama or Die", at the BET Awards 2008.[5]

In pop culture[edit]


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