Citizen of Wasteland

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Citizen of Wasteland
Citizen of Wasteland.jpg
Studio album by Zan Clan
Released 1994 (1994)
Genre Glam
Label SMC
Zan Clan chronology
Citizen of Wasteland
We Are Zan Clan, Who the Fuck Are You
(2005)We Are Zan Clan, Who the Fuck Are You2005

Citizen of Wasteland is the first studio album by Zan Clan, a Swedish glam band. It was released in 1994 by SMC Records.[1] The Zan Clan featured Zinny J. Zan on vocals, Perra Tedeblad on bass, Soren L. Swanson and Christian Baraldi on guitar, and Matthew Baraldi on drums.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Zan Clan Stomp" (0:30)
  2. "Call of the Wild" (04:26)
  3. "Youngblood" (04:50)
  4. "Russian Roulette" (04:49)
  5. "I Want It All" (04:50)
  6. "After the Fire" (06:20)
  7. "Citizen of Wa steland" (05:27)
  8. "Times Out" (04:05)
  9. "Private Hell" (04:29)
  10. "Drop in the Bucket" (04:14)
  11. "Prelude" (01:25)
  12. "Shine" (04:57)
  13. "Monkeyhouse" (05:39)
  14. "Naggin Bitch" (01:11)


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