Citizens' Coalition

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Citizens’ Coalition

Medborgerlig Samling
Party chairmanIlan Sadé
Founded2014 (2014)
Membership (2017)1,000[1]
IdeologyGreen conservatism
Liberal conservatism
Soft Euroscepticism
Political positionRight-wing
ColoursBlue, Green
0 / 349
European Parliament
0 / 20
County councils
0 / 1,597
Municipal councils
4 / 12,780

Citizens’ Coalition (Swedish: Medborgerlig Samling, (MED) earlier: Borgerlig Framtid) is a right-wing political party in Sweden that was founded in 2014. The party considers itself liberal-conservative and green conservative[2][3].

Citizens’ Coalition received 0,20 % of the vote in the 2018 general election, making it the third largest party with no seats in the Riksdag, behind Feminist Initiative and Alternative for Sweden.[4] The party received 0.15% of the votes in the EU parliament election 2019[5].

As of the 2018 municipal elections, the party holds four seats in municipal assemblies; Höör,[6] Laholm[7] and Torsås.[8][9]


The party was founded in 2014, initially as “Borgerlig Framtid” (“Bourgeois Future”) by the cook and nutrition consultant Patrik Evaeus, accountant Tomas Evaeus and journalist Anders Königsson.[10] The party name was later changed to “Medborgerlig Samling” (“Citizens’ Coalition”), abbreviated as MED, at an extra general meeting during the fall of 2016. The name change was prompted by a falling out between Königsson, then party leader, and the party’s board, leading to Königsson leaving the party to set up a new party, re-using the party name “Borgerlig Framtid”.[11][12][13] At the same general meeting Ilan Sadé was elected new chairman and party leader.

The party name “Medborgerlig Samling” was first registered with the Swedish Election Authority,[14] in 2017.

Ideology and political positions[edit]

Citizens’ Coalition declares itself to be a liberal-conservative political party and favors a liberal economic policy as well as a conservative view of society and culture.[15]

The party policy includes a liberal financial policy, a strengthened emphasis on the individual’s own responsibilities, as well as rights, and it has a conservative view on society and culture. The party promotes stronger national defense, including seeking NATO membership, and added resources to the police and justice system. The party also wants to manage Sweden’s Nordic model welfare system by greatly reducing asylum and refugee immigration, abolishing state taxes on income and raising the standard tax deduction to SEK 100 000 per year.[16][17][18]

In the election to the EU parliament 2019 the party pushed their vision of a drastically smaller EU limited to trade, environmental regulation and security[19]. Since 2018 the party has repeatedly highlighted the need for focus on the core services of the government, and pushing for a drastically smaller government and democratic renewal – in particular removing party subsidies and increased personal responsibility for politicians and government employees.


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