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The Citizens Justice Association is a non-profit, legal reform, and pro-se training organization founded in September 2010, by Hull, Massachusetts lawyer David Grossack.

The Association offers legal education seminars for "lawyerless litigants" and distribute The Citizens Justice Manual, a book that trains activists in the techniques and psychology of protest against legal abuse and government abuse.

Grossack is the author of How to Win a Lawsuit Without Hiring a Lawyer and recipient of the "Lawyer of the Year" Award by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly for his civil rights litigation on behalf of men in domestic relations cases. The Boston Herald named him one of Massachusetts' 10 best lawyers that same year.

Prior to the formation of the Citizens Justice Association, Grossack conducted seminars for pro-se litigants and produced newsletters and videos under other auspices.

Grossack has organized demonstrations against legal abuse in front of the U.S. Supreme Court and the offices of the House Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C. After the latter demonstrations, an inspector-general was appointed to oversee the federal courts by Congressman James Sensenbrenner.

Grossack also testified in front of the Massachusetts House Judiciary Committee in an effort to make state courts more user-friendly. Since his appearance in 1999, the Massachusetts probate and Family Court in Suffolk County established a reading room for pro-se litigants, complete with forms. Other courts established websites with downloadable forms.

Grossack states that his work with the Association is intended to continue to pressure the courts to be more user-friendly for pro-se litigants.