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In Aztec mythology, Citlālicue ([sitɬaːˈlikʷe]) ("star garment"), also Citlālinicue ([sitɬaːliˈnikʷe]) and Ilamātēcuhtli (Nahuatl pronunciation: [ilamaːˈteːkʷtɬi]), was a creator goddess who created the stars along with her husband, Citlalatonac, the Milky Way, Earth, and also death and darkness.[1] This pair of gods are sometimes associated with the first pair of humans, Nata and Nena.[1]

In tōnalpōhualli, Citlālicue is the Lord of the Day for days that land on the 13th of the month (Nahuatl: mahtlactli-omei).[1]

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