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Citrique Belge or Citric Belge, located in Tienen is a Belgian biotech company and one of the biggest producers of citric acid. The company produces about 100,000 tonnes of citric acid per year.


Citrique Belge Evening.
Citrique Belge Evening
Citrique Belge Factory.
Citrique Belge Factory

In 1916, Alphonse Cappuyns and Arsène Smeets, both students from Leuven, started searching for the biological production of citric acid. First they tried by letting random micro-organisms ferment sugar into citric acid. Later they proceeded by selecting the Aspergillus niger fungus after which they achieved a productivity which allowed for industrial exploitation. This led to the foundation of the Belgian-Italian company La Citrique Belge in 1929. In 1947, the basic substrate sugar was changed with the cheaper by-product molasses and the production and profitability increased steadily. In 1977, Citrique Belge was acquired by Hoffmann–La Roche and after the acquisition, the production capacity of citric acid was more than doubled. In 2003, DSM took over the vitamin division of Roche, including Citrique Belge. In 2010, Citrique Belge was acquired by Adcuram.


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