Citroën Zabrus

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Citroën Zabrus
Manufacturer Bertone
Production 1986 (Concept car)
Body and chassis
Class Executive car (E)
Body style 3-door 2+2 shooting-brake
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive
Related Citroën BX
Engine Turbocharged V4
Wheelbase 2650 mm (104.3 in)
Length 4300 mm (169.3 in)
Width 180 mm (74.0 in)
Height 1370 mm (53.9 in)

The Citroën Zabrus was a concept car of a 2+2 shooting-brake with 3 doors which was designed by the Italian automaker Bertone. It was based on the mechanics of the Citroën BX 4TC. It was presented in 1986 at the Turin Motor Show. The Citroën BX sedan itself was based on a Bertone design.

Some unique features of the car were the all LCD monitor display for odometer, gauges etc. and a "belt type" steering wheel that used to rotate in either direction while mounted on the main display. The Citroën Zabrus is a shooting-brake with a 2+2 seating configuration with 2 scissor doors upfront for easy access to the rear seats.

Technical specification[edit]

  • Number of cylinders 4
  • Fuel system Fuel injection and turbocharger
  • Cubic capacity 2141 cc
  • Maximum power 200 bhp (150 kW)
  • Top speed 137.5 mph/220 km/h
  • Length 169.3 in/4300 mm
  • Width 74.0 in /1880 mm
  • Height 53.9 in/1370 mm
  • Wheelbase 104.3 in/2650 mm