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Citrus was a Japanese indie-pop band on the Trattoria Records label founded by Oyamada Keigo (aka Cornelius). It was formed in 1990 by Takeaki Emori (江森丈晃, Emori Takeaki) and Michiko Endō (遠藤倫子, Endō Michiko). They released a number of cassette tapes and EPs before they broke up in 2001 without releasing an album.



  • Citrus Plants for Little Kids (1994)
  • Boat, Drive In (1996)
  • Jazz the Poops (1997)
  • Wispy, no mercy (2000)


  • "I Liked It - What Was It?" / "She's Just Being A Kid" (split 7" with The Silly Pillows, 1996)

Compilation Album[edit]

  • Pits Are The Pits (25 GOLD=RARE=DEBRIS 1992-2000) (2009)