CPC Loop Den Haag

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CPC Loop Den Haag
Patrick Makau.jpg
Patrick Makau winning in the Hague in 2008
Date Mid-March
Location the Hague, Netherlands Netherlands
Event type Road
Distance Half marathon
Established 1975

The CPC Loop Den Haag (abbreviated for City-Pier-City Loop) is an annual half marathon competition held in the Hague, Netherlands, every mid-March.

The inaugural edition was held in 1975 and featured a 14.5 km course. This was extended to the half marathon distance the following year. The competition has been used as the Dutch half marathon championships on a number of occasions.[1] The course is a relatively flat one, which lends itself to fast times for athletes.[2] A former men's half marathon world record of 58:34 minutes was set at this race by Samuel Wanjiru in 2007.[3] This remains the men's course record, while Tegla Loroupe is the women's course record holder with her run of 1:07:32 hours from 1998.

The most successful athletes of the CPC race are both Dutch: Carla Beurskens and Marti ten Kate have both topped the podium on four separate occasions. In its earlier editions, Dutch and other Europeans were the most successful athletes. From the 1990s onwards, this changed due to the rise of African, and particularly Kenyan, runners. Kenya's dominance was highlighted by a ten-year undefeated streak in the men's race from 2001 to 2010.[1]


Tegla Loroupe set the course record in 1998
Samuel Wanjiru en route to setting a world record at the 2007 race

Key:       Course record       Dutch championship race       Short course or wind-assisted race

Year Winner men Nationality Time
Winner women Nationality Time
1975 Henk Kalf  Netherlands 42:53 Not held
1976 Jose Reveyn  Belgium 1:03:24
1977 Joachim Schirmer  Germany 1:02:40
1978 Wolf-Dieter Poschmann  Germany 1:03:36
1979 Øyvind Dahl  Norway 1:03:07
1980 Øyvind Dahl  Norway 1:02:46 Marja Wokke  Netherlands 1:13:59
1981 Øyvind Dahl  Norway 1:04:18 Ine Valentin  Netherlands 1:24:31
1982 Hugh Jones  England 1:01:06 Annie van Stiphout  Netherlands 1:14:34
1983 Cor Lambregts  Netherlands 1:00:40 Gerrie Timmermans  Netherlands 1:18:44
1984 Ray Crabb  England 1:02:56 Carla Beurskens  Netherlands 1:12:57
1985 Carl Thackery  England 1:02:11 Carla Beurskens  Netherlands 1:10:44
1986 David Tavares  Portugal 1:02:50 Carla Beurskens  Netherlands 1:09:28
1987 Marti ten Kate  Netherlands 1:03:14 Karolina Szabo  Hungary 1:10:58
1988 Marti ten Kate  Netherlands 1:02:20 Evy Palm  Sweden 1:12:24
1989 Marti ten Kate  Netherlands 1:01:34 Nelly Aerts  Belgium 1:11:32
1990 Marti ten Kate  Netherlands 1:02:24 Carla Beurskens  Netherlands 1:10:04
1991 John Burra  Tanzania 1:01:38 Ingrid Kristiansen  Norway 1:09:05
1992 Manuel Matias  Portugal 1:02:04 Anne van Schuppen  Netherlands 1:13:20
1993 Benson Masya  Kenya 1:00:24 Colleen De Reuck  South Africa 1:10:50
1994 Benson Masya  Kenya 1:02:00 Jane Salumäe  Estonia 1:10:10
1995 Simon Lopuyet  Kenya 1:01:42 Simona Staicu  Romania 1:10:58
1996 Thomas Osano  Kenya 1:02:03 Jane Salumäe  Estonia 1:11:38
1997 Grazia Calvaresi  Italy 1:01:08 Esther Kiplagat  Kenya 1:10:10
1998 Simon Bor  Kenya 1:01:03 Tegla Loroupe  Kenya 1:07:32
1999 Isaac Chemobo  Kenya 1:01:00 Christina Pomacu  Romania 1:10:02
2000 Zebedayo Bayo  Tanzania 1:01:07 Lornah Kiplagat  Kenya 1:06:56
2001 Josephat Kipchoge Rop  Kenya 1:02:12 Catherine Ndereba  Kenya 1:07:54
2002 Yusuf Songoka  Kenya 1:00:53 Linah Cheruiyot  Kenya 1:08:51
2003 Joseph Ngolepus  Kenya 1:00:53 Marleen Renders  Belgium 1:09:54
2004 Christopher Cheboiboch  Kenya 1:02:41 Mary Ptikany  Kenya 1:13:36
2005 Moses Kipkosgei Kigen  Kenya 1:01:45 Mary Ptikany  Kenya 1:10:18
2006 Moses Kipkosgei Kigen  Kenya 1:01:17 Simona Staicu  Hungary 1:12:49
2007 Samuel Wanjiru  Kenya 58:33 Hilda Kibet  Kenya 1:09:43
2008 Patrick Makau  Kenya 1:00:08 Pauline Wangui  Kenya 1:09:49
2009 Sammy Kitwara  Kenya 59:47 Pauline Wangui  Kenya 1:10:50
2010 Patrick Makau  Kenya 59:52 Pauline Wangui  Kenya 1:10:36
2011 Lelisa Desisa  Ethiopia 59:37 Filomena Chepchirchir  Kenya 1:09:06
2012 Stephen Kibet  Kenya 58:54 Josephine Chepkoech  Kenya 1:11:20
2013 Edwin Kipyego  Kenya 1:00:05 Laurane Picoche  France 1:11:45
2014 John Mwangangi  Kenya 1:00:26 Jip Vastenburg  Netherlands 1:13:15


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