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Endeavour Railcar
Endeavour railcar at Newcastle railway station, NSW.JPG
Refurbished Endeavour at Newcastle station
in July 2013
Endeavour railcar cityrail.jpg
Refurbished interior in January 2011
In service 1994 – present
Manufacturer ABB
Built at Dandenong
Constructed 1994–1996
Refurbishment 2009–2010
Number built 15 two-carriage sets
Number in service 14 two-carriage sets
Formation 2 carriages
Fleet numbers TE 2801-2815 and LE 2851-2865
Capacity 95 (TE) 82 (LE)
Operator(s) NSW TrainLink
Line(s) served Hunter Valley
Main Western
Southern Highlands
Car length 25.25 m (82 ft 10 in)
Width 2.92 m (9 ft 7 in)
Height 4.11 m (13 ft 6 in)
Maximum speed 145 km/h (90 mph)
Weight 56.6 tonnes (TE) 57.2 tonnes (LE)
Prime mover(s) Cummins KTA-19R
Power output 514 hp (383 kW)
Transmission Voith T311R KB260, with Voith Turbo V15_20 final drive
Auxiliaries Cummins LT10R(G) - 181 hp (135 kW)
Bogies PJA (Power), NJA (Trailer)
Coupling system Scharfenberg
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

The Endeavour is a Diesel Multiple Unit train operated by NSW TrainLink on passenger rail services in New South Wales, Australia on the Hunter Valley, Main Western, Southern Highlands and Illawarra lines. They are mechanically identical to the Xplorers. All 30 carriages were built by ABB Transportation in Dandenong, Victoria.

Fourteen two-carriage sets were ordered in April 1992 to replace Class 620/720 railcars, DEB set railcars and locomotive hauled stock, with the first entering service in March 1994.[1][2] In November 1994 one further two-carriage set was ordered.[3]


Endeavour in original livery departing Warabrook in May 2007

Each set consists of two carriages, one having a wheelchair-accessible toilet (TE), and the other having luggage space and bicycles racks (LE). All cars are air-conditioned. They operate as four carriage sets on a few peak hour services.

Each car is powered by a Cummins KTA-19R diesel engine rated at 383 kW at 1800rpm coupled to a Voith T311r hydraulic transmission driving both axles on one bogie via Voith Turbo V15/19 final drives. The transmission incorporates a Voith KB260/r hydrodynamic brake. An auxiliary 135 kW Cummins LT10R(G) diesel engine drives a Newage Stamford UCI274F alternator to supply power for the air conditioning and lighting.[4]

The maximum speed of Endeavour railcars is 160 km/h but in service this is limited to 145 km/h.

In service[edit]

Endeavours operate on four lines:

Endeavours previously operated weekend only Wollongong to Moss Vale services.[5]


In 2009-2010 the Endeavours, along with the Xplorers, were refurbished by Bombardier Transportation in Dandenong. The refurbishment included:[6]

  • New reversible 3x2 seats, as found on the Hunter railcars and H sets, the seat covers are made of woollen moquette farbric which is more durable and vandal proof
  • Vinyl flooring, replacing the original carpet flooring
  • Voiceovers to closing the doors
  • Improved air-conditioning system
  • Improved crew facilities
  • A new livery (blue and yellow front, black window band and underskirts, and yellow doors)

Conversions to Xplorers[edit]

The similarities of the Endeavours and Xplorers have allowed easy conversions. Endeavour carriages LE 2865 and TE 2815 were converted to Xplorer carriages EA 2508 and EC 2528. Endeavour carriage TE 2805 was temporarily converted to an Xplorer carriage between September and November 2007. The CityRail logos were removed and its skirts painted black, but it otherwise retained its livery. It also retained its carriage number.

See also[edit]

The VLocitys built for V/Line from 2004 are an evolution of the Endeavour/Xplorer design.


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