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CityTech 2nd Edition Cover.jpg
Front cover of CityTech, 2nd edition
Designer(s)Jordan Weisman
L. Ross Babcock III
Forest Brown
Publisher(s)FASA Corporation
Years active1986 to 2001
Setup time5 - 30 minutes
Playing timeNo exact time
Random chanceDice rolling
Age range12+
Skill(s) requiredTactical, Arithmetic

CityTech is a FASA wargame first published in 1986 and set in the BattleTech fictional universe.


CityTech provided additional rules for simulating combat with infantry and vehicles rather than just BattleMechs, which were the focus of the original game.

Publication history[edit]

CityTech was the first official expansion to the BattleTech board game.

FASA published a second edition in 1994.


Scott Tanner reviewed CityTech in Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer No. 78.[1] Tanner commented that "It is in City Tech that infantry come into their full potential. Standing around in open country and getting slaughtered seems to be the poor infantryman's lot until City Tech came out."[1]



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