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A city is generally an urban settlement with a large population.

City or Cities may also refer to:

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  • , the central business district of Canberra, Australia


  • City (Zürich), an area of the Altstadt district of Zürich, Switzerland

United Kingdom[edit]

  • City, Powys, a hamlet in Powys, Wales, in the United Kingdom
  • City, Vale of Glamorgan, a village in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales
  • City of London, the historic core and chief financial district of London, more usually termed "The City" but sometimes written on maps as "City"


  • City (TV series), a 1990 TV series starring Valerie Harper
  • Citytv, a Canadian television network owned and operated by Rogers Communications previously named City
    • CITY-DT, a Toronto television station owned-and-operated by Rogers Media


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