City Conquest

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City Conquest
Genre Romance
Written by Hwang Joo-ha
Directed by Yang Yun-ho
Starring Kim Hyun-joong
Jeong Yu-mi
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
Producer(s) Baek Jin-dong
Location(s) Japan
South Korea
Production company(s) 100 Media

City Conquest (Hangul도시정벌; RRDosijeongbeol) was a cancelled South Korean television series.

Adapted from the comic book of the same title by Shin Hyung-bin, the action series was originally budgeted at ₩4 billion. Starring Kim Hyun-joong, Jeong Yu-mi and Namkoong Min, it began filming in Japan in July 2012.[1][2][3] Due to Kim's Korean Wave fanbase, international broadcasting rights were pre-sold to Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.[4]

But in February 2013, prospective broadcaster KBS denied it a slot in their 2013 drama lineup, because network officials found the series "too violent" and its quality not up to their standards. Unable to secure a slot with the other two major channels in Korea, MBC and SBS, filming was halted and the project cancelled.[5]

Japanese satellite/digital terrestrial channel DATV was one of the show's investors, and in July 2013, it aired the one-hour TV special City Conquest: Episode Zero, showing existing footage shot on location in Nikko, Utsunomiya and Kinugawa, as well as behind-the-scenes clips.[6][7][8] The special was uploaded on YouTube and was also released on a Japan-only Blu-ray/DVD.


A young man named Baek Mi-reu blames his father for abandoning him and his mother, which sets him on the path of revenge upon the evils of society.



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