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City Hall
SEPTA rapid transit station
Broad Street Line - City Hall.jpg
Northbound local track at City Hall Station
Location Market Street between 15th and Broad Streets
Coordinates 39°57′8.09″N 75°9′50.02″W / 39.9522472°N 75.1638944°W / 39.9522472; -75.1638944Coordinates: 39°57′8.09″N 75°9′50.02″W / 39.9522472°N 75.1638944°W / 39.9522472; -75.1638944
Owned by SEPTA
  Broad Street Line Local and Express
Platforms 2 island platforms
cross-platform interchange
Tracks 4
  SEPTA Trolley All Routes
City Bus SEPTA City Bus: 4, 16, 17, 27, 31, 32, 33, 38, 44, 48, 62
Suburban Bus SEPTA Suburban Bus: 124, 125
SEPTA Regional Rail (at Suburban Station)
Structure type Underground
Disabled access Cross-platform transfers only
Opened September 1, 1928
Electrified Third rail (600 volts)
Passengers (2007) 57000 Steady 0% (daily)
Preceding station   SEPTA.svg SEPTA   Following station
toward AT&T Station
Broad Street Line
toward Fern Rock
Broad Street Line
  Free transfer  
toward 69th Street
Market–Frankford Line
Transfer at: 15th Street
toward Frankford
SEPTA Trolley
Transfer at: 15th Street
toward 13th Street
toward Darby
SEPTA Trolley
Transfer at: 15th Street
SEPTA Trolley
Transfer at: 15th Street
toward 61st Street
SEPTA Trolley
Transfer at: 15th Street
SEPTA Trolley
Transfer at: 15th Street

City Hall is a SEPTA subway station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It serves the Broad Street Line and is located in Center City Philadelphia underneath Philadelphia City Hall. It is the busiest station on the line, serving 57,000 passengers daily.[1] City Hall station is served by Local, Express, and Special "Sport Express" trains. Entrances are located on both the east and west sides of City Hall as well as in the central courtyard.

Station layout[edit]

G Street Level Entrances/Exits
M Mezzanine to entrances/exits, passageway to other services' platforms, fare control
Platform level
Southbound local Local toward AT&T (Walnut–Locust)
Island platform, doors will open on the left for local trains, right for express trains
Southbound express Express toward Walnut–Locust (Terminus)

Sports Express toward AT&T (Walnut-Locust)

Northbound express Express toward Fern Rock (Race–Vine)
Island platform, doors will open on the left for local trains, right for express trains
Northbound local Local toward Fern Rock (Race–Vine)


A free interchange is available between all of the subway lines here, including the 15th Street stop for the Market–Frankford Line and all SEPTA Subway–Surface Trolley Routes (Routes 10, 11, 13, 34 & 36).

The station is connected to the Center City Commuter Connection underground concourse, which connects to Suburban Station, thus providing access to SEPTA Regional Rail. City Hall Station is also connected to the Broad Street Line's Walnut–Locust Station, which in turn is connected to PATCO Speedline's 12–13th & Locust Station and 15–16th & Locust Station. However, no free interchange is available to any of these stations. This is one of the two stops along the Broad Street Subway not under Broad Street, with the other one being Fern Rock Station.

ADA Reconstruction[edit]

As built, City Hall was an original station along the 1928 Broad Street Line, and was not designed for ADA accessible transfer between lines. In 2003, SEPTA rebuilt the station escalators at the connected 15th Street Station on the Market–Frankford Line; for which a lawsuit was filed by the Disabled in Action of Pennsylvania, citing that renovating one critical component would require the rest of the station complex to be renovated, as per building code requirements. As such, SEPTA would be required to make the station ADA accessible.[2] SEPTA and the City of Philadelphia had been proposing a US $100,000,000 refurbishment of City Hall station,[3] which included structural repairs, improvements in lighting and ventilation, aesthetic improvements, as well as ADA improvements. However, the project's progression had stalled due to lack of funds.[4] In November 2011, the Central Philadelphia Development Corporation had awarded construction contracts for the restoration of the Dilworth Plaza above the station, following the eviction of the Occupy Philly protesters occupying the area, which includes the accessibility improvements for the station.[5] SEPTA awarded construction contracts for the improvements in January 2012.[6] The project currently consists of a restoration of the plaza, and installing elevators connecting to the street and Market-Frankford platforms at 15th. Further accessibility improvements at 15th and reconstruction of the Broad Street Line's City Hall station had been stalled pending additional funding. In 2013, the passage of PA Act 89 (Transportation Funding Law) has allowed SEPTA to move forward with the $147 million BSL/MFL station renovation.[7] The reconstruction of 15th and City Hall stations is planned to begin in 2016, with the stations complete in 2018 and 2020, respectively.[8]



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