City Park Mall

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City Park Mall
Location Constanţa, Romania Romania
Opening date 2008
Developer Neocity Group
Owner Neocity Group
No. of stores and services 100
Total retail floor area 25,500 square metres (274,480 sq ft)[1]
Parking 1,000

City Park Mall is a large shopping mall located in Constanţa, Romania. The mall was built in the main park of Constanta city at the expense of a large surface of the park. It sparked many protests and scandals, but despite all the controversy, former mayor Radu Mazare authorized its construction in the park. The former mayor is today under trial and investigation due to charges of accepting bribes in order to facilitate the construction of City Park Mall in the main park of the city. The center includes around 100 stores and a multiplex with eight screens. The complex has a floor area of 59,000 square metres (635,071 sq ft) and 1,000 parking spaces.[2]


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