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City Place is a mixed-use facility featuring two 20-story buildings in central Fort Worth, Texas (USA). The complex was formerly known as Tandy Center and served as the corporate headquarters for RadioShack (formerly Tandy Corporation) for many years, designed by Growald Architects of Fort Worth, Texas. During the Tandy/RadioShack years, the complex included a mall and an ice skating rink.

Leonard's Department Store opened on the site on February 12, 1963. In 1967, the Tandy Corporation bought the chain of department stores. As the corporation grew, it needed a new headquarters and so it demolished the department store in 1974 and constructed its headquarters on the site. The new Tandy Center included two office towers as well as a mall with an indoor ice skating rink. In the 1990s the mall began to decline and the anchor tenant moved out in 1995. The mall was turned into an outlet store shopping center, but has now been demolished.

Originally built by the department store Leonard's, the Tandy Center Subway operated between the center and its parking lots from 1963 to 2002. It was apparently the only privately owned subway in the country.[1]

In 2000, a tornado hit Fort Worth, causing damage to several downtown buildings including the Tandy Center.[citation needed]

In 2001, the RadioShack Corporation sold the Tandy Center to another company, and made plans to construct a new corporate headquarters a few blocks away on the Trinity River. The new owner renamed the complex City Place. The former shopping mall was demolished in 2011, making way for a new garage with retail on the ground floor. One City Place is currently being fully renovated, and both are expected to open in 2014.[needs update]


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Coordinates: 32°45′18″N 97°20′03″W / 32.75510°N 97.33425°W / 32.75510; -97.33425