City Primeval

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City Primeval
City Primeval-book cover.jpg
First edition
AuthorElmore Leonard
Country United States
PublisherArbor House
Publication date
Media typeHard cover

City Primeval is a crime novel written by Elmore Leonard.

Plot summary[edit]

The original novel takes place in Detroit and tells the story of a seriously crazed 'Oklahoma Wildman' Clement Mansell who knows how easy it is to get away with murder - thanks to some nifty courtroom moves by his beautiful, tough-as-nails lawyer Carolyn Wilder. But now the killer's senseless execution of a crooked Motown judge has inflamed the ire of homicide Detective Raymond Cruz, a good cop who believes in old-fashioned justice. When Mansell tries to extort money from the 'Albanian' Skender Lulgjaraj, Cruz isn't about to let Mansell slip through the legal system's gaping holes a second time. Even if that means maneuvering the psycho into a wild Midwest showdown that only one of them is going to be walking away from...

Characters in City Primeval[edit]

  • Clement Mansell – crazed 'Oklahoma Wildman'
  • Raymond Cruz – homicide detective
  • Sandy Stanton – Clement's girlfriend
  • Carolyn Wilder – Clement's lawyer
  • Skender Lulgjaraj – Albanian

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